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A Personal Driver Driving Your Car Adds Piece of Mind Getting to Your Destination

Whether you need to hire a driver for a day for personal or business reasons, a personal driver operating your own vehicle ensures you will have a completely stress-free journey.

From the moment they arrive in professional attire to pick you up until the moment you step out of the car to arrive at your destination, you will feel entirely at ease, taken care of, and safe.

Let’s take a look at how a personal driver gives you peace of mind and guarantees an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

How Does a Chauffeur Driver Create a Stress-Free Experience?

Smooth Commute

When you hire a personal driver to drive your car, you can easily get to work, the airport, client meetings, or simply enjoy a stress-free Saturday. You can also hire a personal driver to drive your car for the entire weekend instead of just one day, allowing you to take that long-planned trip without worrying about logistics.

No matter where you are going, your private driver will get you to your destination early, so you never have to stress about being late.


Hiring an LA private car service to drive you around in the comfort of your vehicle is the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. Having a qualified driver take you where you need to go gives you the opportunity to unwind, make phone calls, or even complete some work while you’re on the road. An experienced driver will handle all the driving for you, giving you total peace of mind.


The city of Los Angeles is one of the busiest and most populous in the nation, making transportation a challenge. Personal drivers for hire eliminate the hassle of finding parking and dealing with aggressive drivers on the road.

Public transportation and ride-sharing services are both unpredictable and stressful. You run the risk of being late, stressed out, and irritable because of canceled rides or slow transportation. When you hire a personal driver to drive you in your own car around LA, you won’t have to worry about being late because they will arrive early and navigate the roads quickly.

Additionally, you won’t have to spend hours stuck in traffic or waiting for the bus to arrive, giving you some of your precious time back. If you hire a personal driver, you’ll stay on schedule and have a more productive day.


If you want to be as safe as possible on the road, a chauffeur driver is the best option. They have years of experience driving different types of vehicles, so you can feel confident you’re in good hands when they drive yours. In addition to doing their best to keep you safe, they’ll make sure your car is always in good driving condition.

All of the drivers at Your Car Our Driver have professional driving experience; many of them were Limousine Drivers whose passengers simply preferred to be driven in the convenience and luxury of their own cars.

The best way to prevent accidents and stay safe on the road is to let our personal drivers drive your vehicle, especially if LA is a new place for you.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you have a trustworthy companion in the car is always reassuring. With a dependable personal driver driving your car, you’ll always know someone has your back if something were to happen.

There are a lot of things that can happen while you’re driving, whether it’s for hours or just ten minutes, that could make you vulnerable if you were by yourself. When you have a professional driver by your side, you never have to worry about being alone in a scary situation.

However, the likelihood of something bad happening is extremely unlikely with a skilled chauffeur driver. They have years of experience driving and are skilled at acting quickly when necessary. Professional personal drivers will guarantee your safety and the safety of your vehicle the entire way.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Driver?

Personal driver driving a car with a business woman in the back seat

To sum it up, here are the main benefits a personal driver offers:

  • You save valuable time
  • You reduce the stress of finding parking and waiting in traffic
  • You work more and worry less
  • You protect your health by avoiding public transportation and ride-sharing services
  • It is classier and more professional
  • You enjoy the convenience and comfort of a world-class driver
  • You arrive at your destination relaxed, peaceful, and content

Why Your Car?

So why should you hire a chauffeur driver to drive your own car? Since hiring a car or SUV service can be very expensive, we only charge a flat rate of $48 per hour with a three-hour minimum, making our personal drivers a much more affordable alternative.

By hiring one of our personal chauffeurs, you can arrive in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your own car while still looking stylish and up-to-date.

Choose Your Car Our Driver

If you’re searching for a dependable, trustworthy, and professional chauffeur service, look no further than Your Car Our Driver.

With our personal drivers, you’re more likely to arrive at your destination on time, stress-free, and punctual. You won’t ever have to deal with the inconveniences of driving again – hire your driver to drive your own vehicle today!

If you have any further questions about our personal driver service, check out more of our frequently asked questions!