3 Ways Local Driving Services Save You Money

Saving Money with Drivers-For-Hire Services

When you hire a driver for the day from Your Car Our Driver, you’re getting an experience that is unique among driving services. It’s not a taxi and it’s not a limo service. It’s certainly not an Uber or a Lyft.

Getting a driver from Your Car Our Driver is the peak in luxury while also being realistic for your wallet. Here’s the ways that our private drivers save you money.

#1. You’re Busy and Time Spent Driving is Time Not Working

There is so much time that is spent on the road, especially in the Greater Los Angeles area. Traffic can be a nightmare any time of day, no matter which direction you’re going and when. And we recognize that you’re a busy person with a busy schedule. Why waste your time staring at the traffic jam in front of you when you could be on a call with clients, with the board of directors, with that great new talent you want to bring on to join you.

Being able to sit in the passenger seat, or the back seat, and make phone calls, work on your phone or laptop, and get work done for those hours you’d be spending on the road is invaluable. You’ve grown to the point where your time is not only money, it’s good money. And you shouldn’t waste that money-generating time being tied up behind the wheel.

#2. Limo Services Are More Expensive Than They’re worth

Sure it’s nice to have a personal driver–we’ve established that–but the personal driver rates when that driver is behind the wheel of a limousine are obnoxiously high. You’ve already got a nice car, a car you’ve worked hard to get and is something of a status symbol.

Why should you hire a limo service to pick you up in a boring old black Buick when you could have a personal chauffeur drive you in your very own shiny silver Mercedes, your M-Series BMW, or even a fancier luxury car like an old classic or the newest and hottest ride.

Hiring a chauffeur for your personal driving services means that you not only get the benefit of showing off the car you’ve worked hard to get, but you get to show off that you’ve got a professional driver, in professional attire, ready to take wherever you need to go and impress whoever you need to impress.

Because, think about it: the cost of hiring a personal driver of a long distance limo service costs much more in private driver rates, plus the car you’re driving in is worse than what you have at home.

#3. Our Chauffeur Services Aren’t Locked into a Contract

Get a personal chauffeur at your door in the morning, dressed in professional attire, ready to drive your car whenever you need to go–and you don’t need to pay for this service to keep the driver on retainer. You don’t need to pay a monthly fee, to always work your schedule around a three-day-a-week driver.

You can simply pick up the phone when you need a driver, or book online, and our transportation services team will make sure that a driver arrives on time, dressed in professional chauffeur outfits, read to take you wherever you need to go and then bring you home safely.  It’s an as-needed service, and that’s important.